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| October 25, 2011

You should buy a fire extinguisher for your work

If you’ve never had the opportunity of purchasing a fire extinguisher before, you will discover that they are broken down into classifications. These classifications provide you with information as to what these extinguishers are used for. If you are planning to buy fire extinguishers online, it will be extremely important for you to know these classifications so you know exactly what type of device you need, and how it will work for your specific situation. In this post you’ll discover a little bit more about the different types of classifications, and how you can go about purchasing the device that is right for you.

Class A Fire Extinguishers

Universally known as your standard combustibles, a Class A device is used specifically for putting out fires that include material such as papers, woods, plastics, fabrics, furniture, or any type of material that is organic in nature. You will discover that the majority of these types of extinguishers will be filled with a watery foam substance that is specifically meant to drown out these combustibles which in turn will put out the fire. You will discover that any device that is considered a Class A will also contain a Red Class A label.

Class B Fire Extinguishers

Class B fires are associated with flammable liquids. Any type of liquid that is flammable such as oils, grease, soluble fats, paints, thinners, or fuels will require a Class B fire extinguisher in order to properly dispose of this type of fire. These devices contain a foam type substance that is used for the purpose of smothering a fire and preventing re-ignition.

Class C Fire Extinguishers

Carbon dioxide CO2 is used in a Class C device, and these are particularly helpful when it comes to working with fires that are ignited by electricity. Electrical fires are extremely hard to deal with because you cannot use water or foam to contain them. For this reason carbon dioxide class extinguishers have been assembled in order to deal with this issue properly.

You will be happy to discover that when making a decision to buy fire extinguishers online, many of the devices that are available will be a triple class type device which combines A, B, and C in one type of fire extinguisher.


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