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| October 22, 2011

If you’ve been looking for more control over your ecommerce website, Magento eCommerce CMS will provide everything you’ll require, all in one package. When it comes to features, this is a feature driven ecommerce platform that is geared towards nothing but growth. Plain and simple, Magento offers full control, flexibility, scalability, and a lot of room for future business expansion. This is a feature-rich ecommerce solution that gives the merchant everything they need for full control over content, presentation, and complete functionality of their online business. If you’ve been feeling a little frustrated lately because you don’t have control over promotions and merchandising, Magento has a solution that can help you get out of the rut, and back in business.

magento, cms, developersIt’s quite simple, when in business one of your main objectives is to provide an excellent shopping experience for your visitors. But at the same time you have a duty to yourself to be able to manage every single aspect of your business, as well as provide promotional content and information within each and every sale. You will want to work both aspects of your business not only in the managing aspect, but also in the sales aspect to maximise in each and every shopper that makes a purchase. This includes collecting pertinent information that has to do with sales, the products, pricing, up-sales, cross-sales, promotional items, discounts, promotional coupons, combination sales, easy shopping cart access, and one click check out.

All of these areas are extremely important and should be included in any type of ecommerce solution. Magento has you covered in all of these important areas but they also go a few steps further. There are several platforms available for each and every business type on the Internet. This provides a business owner with the opportunity to start with a recommended platform and as your business expands, you can simply upgrade to get additional services which will help your business grow even further in the future. Everything that is needed to create a powerful online ecommerce business presence can be found in the Magento ecommerce  CMS, and when set up correctly your business can experience growth potential unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Here is a video on how easy it is to create an Admin user in Magento CMS:

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