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| October 6, 2011

Resound hearing aids have been classified as some of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market. The reason may be the same reason ReSound has been in the hearing aid manufacturing business for so long, and that is they put people first. Hearing aids need to be developed and constructed with the person that will be wearing them in mind.  For this reason ReSound has been very successful because they make a wide range of hearing aids that fit a vast variety of needs. Each hearing aid that is developed by resound will offer something different to the user.

These differences can be seen in some of the devices listed below:

The ReSound Alera

This is a device that has been developed to allow you to hear in extremely difficult environments such as major events, dining, theater, and places you may have found it difficult to hear in the past. Equipped with technologies such as the Environmental Optimizer, Natural Directionality, and Surround sound, Alera provides a cleaner, crisper, and clearer sound than anything you may have heard.

The ReSound Essence

This device provides extreme functionality, clarity, and direct sound as well as being able to handle every day usage. All of this is done while giving you excellent battery life.

The ReSound Live

For people that want to experience sound as though they are in a theater, the ReSound live can provide rich, clear, and extremely detailed sound giving you more awareness and detail than any other hearing device on the market today. You also get incredible sound quality, speech and conversation clarity, and an extremely enhanced ability to locate different sounds around you.

All of the models listed above are BTE style hearing aids, meaning ‘Behind the Ear’. They are sleek and elegant and after they’ve been fitted, they can hardly be seen making them almost invisible. If you’ve been looking for some of the most sought after technology in regards to hearing aid devices, ReSound hearing aids are some of the most advanced hearing aids on the market today.

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