Vibrating Motors

| October 6, 2011

Environmental conditions typically play a part in how vibrating motors perform on a continual basis. Many of these vibrators are faced with very difficult conditions such as extreme amounts of dirt as well as considerable amounts of moisture. For these motors to operate correctly in these conditions they will need to be built using some of the best materials available. Many of the vibrators that are available today have been designed and constructed with environmental conditions in mind. After all, these devices are used in big industry and many of the work conditions are not always as pleasant as one would like.

For this reason many of the devices that are built today for large machinery as well as small will need to be durable, effective, and outlast many of the older designs from decades ago. Many of the work climates were these devices are used are extremely unfriendly. Many areas were conveyors or shaker tables are used are subjected to high heat in ranges of 90° To 115° on a continual basis. In other places temperatures can drop to as low as 20 below zero and these vibrating motors will have to hold up without fail.

URAS and Cougar are popular brands

The majority of machinery that will utilise the services of vibrating motors will be typically found in an outside location. These locations are exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, wind and extreme heat. The operators that operate these types of machines can ill-afford a vibrator that cannot withstand the environmental conditions in which it’s being subjected to. For this reason many of the vibrators that are built today are built with heavy-duty designs, dust tight enclosures, and ductile iron castings.

This ensures that each motor can endure as well as perform for long periods of time without issue regardless of the environmental conditions. The designers understand that these motors not only need to be built tough but they need to withstand harsh treatment for hours on end, each and every day. For this reason only the best materials are used in the design and construction of these newer vibrating motors ensuring that regardless of the environmental conditions, they will continue to perform at maximum levels.

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