Considerations When Deciding on the Fire Safety Equipment to Purchase

| January 18, 2012

Are you setting up a new office, shop or moving into a new house and need the right fire safety equipment? There are a wide range of these equipment in the market and you may need to understand the different purpose and usage of the various equipment so as to know what equipment is ideal for your case. When choosing the equipment to have, there are two main things that you need to consider;

The Scope of the Area Being Serviced

The size of the are being serviced by fire safety equipment will determine the equipment to buy. The size of factory or a large workplace will require significantly different safety equipment when compared to domestic usage such as a home kitchen. Factories and large workplaces, warehouses and large offices may need fire hose reel, an elaboration smoke detection system, large fire extinguishers and heavy evacuation equipment. Smaller workplaces, shops, centralized residential areas and farms may require fire safety equipments such as medium sized fire extinguishers, fire safety signs for directing people to the fire escapes and to safe places and smoke detectors. For domestic use, fire safety equipment will include a fire blanket, small fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

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Fire Risks

The fire risks that are exposed to a give area will also determine the equipment to buy. Fire from wood and paper burning as would be expected in an office set up is best extinguished by water and carbon dioxide extinguishing equipment. Fires from flammable gases – probable in factories that use gas fuel or in kitchens require more complex fire fighting equipment such as inert gas and dry chemical fire extinguishers. Fire from electricity on the other hand requires carbon dioxide, halon or dry gas agents for fire extinguishing.

Other important considerations when determining fire safety equipment to have include legal requirements, nature of place being serviced and budgetary constrains.


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