Wedding Limos Perth Services – Stretch Limo or Luxury Sedan

| February 8, 2012

When seeking a limo for a wedding, a couple must decide on whether they will hire a luxury sedan, stretch or super stretch limo from a wedding limos Perth company. Besides the budget, there are other considerations when choosing between these options of wedding limo cars;

Stretch Wedding Limousines

For many, riding in a stretch limo on their wedding day is a must. The beauty and exaggeration of some extra stretch limos makes their wedding stand out and look unique. You can pick out the more rarer stretches such as the Hummer super stretch, Ford Excursion stretch or the Lincoln Navigator. These super stretch limos can take up to 20 people depending on the length of the stretch and the make of a car. Having one of these extra long limos will also enable you to travel with the rest of the bridal team in one car. The cars come with extra luxury fittings such as many LCD screens, lean back leather seats and high quality sound systems. Some ambitious wedding limos Perth service providers have gone a notch higher to add modifications such as a bath tub, mini kitchen, a fridge and a DJ set.

The only limitation of some of these extra long limousines is that they may be inconvenient when navigating through some thin allays and corners in some neighborhoods. It is important to have the wedding limos Perth company first review the route that you intend to take with the limousine so as to gauge and advise you on whether it is okay to travel in the stretch limousine.

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Luxury Wedding Sedan

On the other hand, a regular luxury sedan limousine is a high end luxury 5 seats car. These types of limousines are preferred by some couples as they can much easily navigate through any area. They make it convenient to quickly dash to the photo shoot place and travel to and fro different venues. Since these are high end cars, they still give elegance and style to a wedding. However, they do not come with the extra unique style that goes with the stretch and super stretch limos.

You therefore need to weigh between the pros and cons of the two options. You can seek further advise from a wedding limos Perth provider on the ideal option to go for.

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