Mouth Guards Perth Advisory for Sportsmen and Women

| March 7, 2012

You may have just joined a high school or college sports team and are required to buy a mouth guard and wear it when playing the sport. A mouthguard is an important part of the sports gear for many sporting activities. Mouthguards Perth specialists recommend the use of the device for sports such as ice hockey, field hockey, American football, rugby, baseball, cricket, martial arts, boxing, skating, skiing and water polo. The mouth guard helps in protecting your teeth, jaws and your lips.

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Where to buy a Mouth Guard

You can purchase mouth guards from local sports gear shops. The guard comes in a range of sizes and you can choose a size that fits you well. You can also purchase the boil and bite option of mouth guard. This type of guard requires you to boil it until it becomes soft. Once soft, wear the guard and firmly bite it so that it can take the shape of your jaw and teeth as it cools. Once it has taken your mouth shape, it locks permanently and can be fitted when playing your sport. If for any reason it becomes too loose or tight, the process of boiling and fitting can be repeated. Another way that you can get the mouth guard is by seeking a custom fit set. You will need to have your mouth guards Perth dentist measure your teeth and jaw size. These measurements are then sent to a mouth guards Perth manufacturer who makes the exact size mouth guard for a given user. A few final fitting adjustments can be made after the custom made guard is manufactured.

Taking Care of Mouth Guard

You can take care of the mouth guard by cleaning it properly before and after use. Ensure that you place the mouth guard in a hygienic holder and seal it properly after cleaning it. Avoid sharing the mouth guard with your teammates as this can lead to spreading of some contiguous diseases

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