Essential SEO for Strarting Out Websites

| August 2, 2012

Adhering to SEO for websites is a good idea for anyone who is planning to design and develop a new website. For those who want their new website to show up in search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo!, there are a plethora of ideal SEO guidelines and tips that should be considered. The following SEO for websites are not only necessary for them, but can help a website potentially show up on the first page of search engine results.

Keyword Research

When keyword research is being conducted it should be kept in mind that long term objectives are more important. So, the most competitive phrases and keywords should be built into the site structure. As a rule of thumb, every page on a website should be optimized for 3 to 5 keywords. The rest is merely long-tail and mid-tail traffic that will happen in any case once each page is indexed, linked and working in unison. Keyword research is one of the most important SEO for websites.

Determining the Tipping Point

Every keyword has a tipping point and analysis, execution and observation is required to determine what it will take to outrank others. No two websites are the same and this is a moving target.

Leveraging Internal Links

The links that are built from other websites with the use of internal links with relevant keywords through co-occurrence must be leveraged. Often the keyword to rank for is present on another page. In this case, it should be made sure that every subsequent page links to the preferred landing page with the preferred ranking supported by the semantic variation or keyword.

Off Page Links

Off page links are another important SEO for websites. Rather than the quantity of links that point at a website or a page, what matters more is to get the right type of off page inbound links. Trusted links are considered more reliable.professional seo

SEO for a CMS

While SEO for websites is indeed important, but SEO for the CMS of the site is equally important as well. Over-thinking the SEO is not necessary; it should simply be built on a strong platform like WordPress. Once the site has been set up properly, the h1,Metatags, title and page naming conventions can be easily mirrored.

Keeping Flat Site Architecture

Flat site architecture strongly suggests that relevant pages should be built in the root folder and targeted naming conventions or exact match should be used for the structure of the URL.

Making Changes to Trusted / Older Pages

If pages are edited or refined with page or trust rank so that indexation is increased for other newer site segments or pages, it can be tremendously beneficial. When utilized or re-optimized to serve as pivotal points in a website, the most trusted pages of the website actually become a treasure trove.

Final Testing

Finally, the metrics should be tested, a log should be kept and adjustments were necessary should be made so that specific keyword variations can be dialed in.

As long as these SEO for websites are implemented, a new website will be on its way to reaching the top rank in search engines. Last but not least, with the assistance of a professional SEO company it can be made sure that these SEO requirements are fulfilled.

You can also take advantage of a professional SEO set up when your new website is launched. It’s important from the beginning to get the foundations correct with your site launching, after all first impressions do count.

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