Perth Photographers – How to Make the Most of a Photographer for Your Event?

| September 24, 2012

Photographs serve the dual purpose of preserving memories and recording events for official reasons. Whatever your intention, the best option is to hire a professional photographer to cover the event. Perth photographers have wide knowledge and expertise to give your event a special touch.

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Choosing the right photographer

  • Make detailed study of the portfolio of the photographer to get an idea of his work and his suitability for your event.
  • The number of years he has been in the business will give an indication of his experience and accomplishments.
  • Ask for referrals from your friends or search online for photographer websites. Perth photographers have testimonials and comments on their website, which makes it easier for you to make your choice.
  • The photographer should be able to outline a budget for the package he has to offer. Covering an event does not require taking photographs alone; it involves delivering them according to client demands, too. The fees should cover all aspects of the package with a detailed break-up.
  • The photographer should be equipped with back-up cameras and gears in case one set malfunctions; the event will not wait till he repairs his tools.
  • Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the photographer. Since he is expected to shoot the happy and eventful moments, it is essential for you and your guests to remain relaxed and comfortable in his presence.

Client’s responsibility

  • You may have several expectations from your photographer but don’t assume he will understand everything if you haven’t told him about them; be honest and frank about your requirements and expectations.
  • If the event is a formal one and has a dominant theme, don’t forget to mention the dress code to your photographer. You don’t want him to look conspicuous and uneasy in the midst of guests, do you?
  • The photographer will need to be briefed about the event, special guests, situations that have to be compulsorily photographed and other details to enable him to plan his work in advance.
  • Give him the update but allow him to work freely, otherwise his style will be compromised.
  • If possible, appoint a close associate who will maintain a liaison with the photographer all through the event; this will help reduce any confusion.

The special touch

  • An on-site printing option can add a touch of excitement to the event. Guests and dignitaries can be given a framed photograph or photo gifts with pictures of the event, during or right after the programme, to make it a memorable one.
  • A photo book compiled with special snapshots can be an ideal gift to remember the event.
  • Perth photographers give opportunities for free downloading of photographs of the event from their site. You can provide links to your guests to do so.

Whatever the event, it is special for you and your guests. Perth photographers know how to make them unique. Fix an appointment with them to draw up plans to make the event and its photographs memorable.

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