Don’t get left standing at the curb-book early and avoid double booked limos

| April 14, 2013

Wedding and school ball seasons are peak limo for hire usage times. That is why if you are in need of a limousine during these times; make sure you book your transportation as early as possible so that you know it will be there when you need it.

February through March is generally when most school balls are held. Limos for hire are an exceptionally popular way for groups of young people to travel to and from their celebration events. Since there may often be more than one school ball on the same night, limo for hire companies will be quite busy and most school ball use limos are booked weeks in advance. If you are in need of a limo hire on a Friday or Saturday during school ball season, you may have a difficult time finding one available, especially with a reputable company.  Just avoid what seems like too good of a discount during this time period, as many “fly by night” and less than reputable vehicle for hire owners try to get in on the action.

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More bookings sometimes equal limos being double booked. If you’re booking a limousine for hire, be sure and ask the booking agent if there is going to be an issue with the particular vehicle you’re using staying with you the entire time you need it.  A large number of smaller or less reputable companies often double book their vehicles so that they can make as much money as possible.  This practice runs the risk of leaving one or more client waiting for pick up before or after their event and can cause great delays.  You may have to pay a bit extra to avoid the vehicle you’ve chosen being double booked, but it will actually save you money in the long run as you won’t run the risk of arriving late at your special event.

During peak booking season, a large number of less than reputable companies will offer what may seem like unbelievable discounts as a way to earn the maximum amount of fees they possibly can. The only ways they can do this is to double- or over book their vehicles. Many times, they may “bump” a lesser paying customer in favor of a larger fee and then tell the bumped customer that the vehicle has broken down or was over booked. This leaves the bumped customer without transport. Book early with a reputable company and don’t risk being left standing at the curb.


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