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| November 21, 2013

We’ve all found ourselves at some stage needing to hire a quality limousine for a special event. Whether that event be a wedding, an anniversary, a special tour, or even a school formal, nothing adds that touch of class like the hiring of a luxury limo.

Imagine a wedding or formal without the bride or guests making a wonderful entrance from (for example) a superb Rolls Royce limo or Chrysler limousine? It just wouldn’t be the same.

white chrysler limo in perth

Chrysler Limo and Jaguar

If follows then that you want the very best when you shop around for the right limousine firm. Luckily there’s a limo hire Perth company that stands out from the rest.

That limo hire company is Belle Classic Limousines and there are a number of reasons why it is that “stand out” firm in the limo hire Perth market.

What Belle offers

  • Quality limos. From classic limos like Rolls Royce, Daimler and Jaguar to more modern limos, Belle offers a range of quality and style.
  • Affordable prices. Our limos come in reasonable prices to suit your budget. Please see our rates on our website.
  • Excellent service. You need to be sure that the limo arrives and departs on time. Belle offers friendly, helpful and reliable service.

However Belle is more than just a limo hire Perth company. Are you looking to help celebrate that special occasion such as a honeymoon, an anniversary or a family member’s 21st birthday? How about taking advantage of Belle Classic Limousines’ pre-packaged tours?

Tours of Perth and its surrounds for visitors and residents

  • Swan Valley wine limo tours. What could be a better way to celebrate that special occasion than a trip to the Swan Valley wine region in one of our limos?
  • Scenic tours of Perth and its surrounds. Perth is a city of unique beauty and stunning attractions. Why not let Belle Classic Limousines take you on a trip to see the best that the city can offer?
  • Tourist limo hire. If you are visiting Perth, what better way to see get to know the beautiful city than through a limousine? Belle Classic Limousines will pick you up from your hotel and take you to your requested locations and return you back to your hotel in affordable comfort. Not just any limo hire Perth company, the firm provides you with opportunities to see the city: in style.

Do you have a preference for Chrysler limos? Or love the more old-fashioned Rolls Royce limousines. Either way Belle Classic Limousines can help you. If you are considering hiring from a limo hire Perth company, please go to the Belle Classic Limousines website and check what the company has to offer.

You can also check out Belle Perth Limousine Hire on Google Plus

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